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I am starting out with a rough sketch in free form. Since I am working with AIs and Intelligent Algorithms, then Priority is not as important as Existence.

This is my personal map of the Universe as I see it. - Richard Collins, The Internet Foundation


Names - People, Organizations, Groups, Sets of things, Collections, Lists,

Motives, Biases, Habits, Expectations - All Humans are Equal, Free Association, Random Samples, Lives with Dignity and Purpose, Family, War is wasteful, 

Humans - Air, Water, Nutrition, Temperature Regulation, Clothing, Housing, Senses, Bodies, Birth, Living, Migration, Events, Death, Groups, Evolution

Humans - Human Names, Individual Humans, Human Memories, Human Records, Human Things, Human Life Stories, Human Activities, Human Interactions, Human Relationships,

Earth - Sunlight, Wind, Tides, Storms, Clouds, Water, Oxygen, Plants, Animals, Insects, Bacteria, Viruses, Molecules, Sands Rocks Dusts Liquids Gases Powders

Heliosphere - Sun, Planets, Electrons, Photons, Heliosphere boundary, Asteroids, Comets, Solar Wind, Magnetic Fields, Gravitational Fields, Mass Fields, Velocity Fields, Acceleration Fields, Human Outposts

Energy - Heat Cooling Water Sewage Electricity Vehicles Tools, Fuels, Energy Storage,

Units and Dimensions - Hertz, Joules, Joule Seconds, Joules/KiloGram, Watts = Joules/Second, Joules/Meter^3, Newtons, Newtons/Meter^2 = Pascal,

Collections of Units - Frequency, Velocity, Pressure, Mass, Force, Torque, Momentum, Conditions - per second, per Meter^3,


Needs - As I am writing, as I enter a Word or Term, see if it is already known. If not, add it, ask for its plural name, assign a globally unique number or code and search for its associations, "set counter to 1" by Human

IC Table, IC Diagram, IC Query Form, IC Image, IC Images, IC Record, IC Records, HoverBoxes, Share

Computer Programs - Edit Save Share Formats Find Search Select Extract Merge Add Remove Hide Combine Compile Verify Explain Remember Plan Calculate Prepare Do Execute Action List Component Records Layouts Forms Tables Databases Schedule, Create Project,

United Nations Domain


Geographic Groups - Countries, Geographic Regions, Cities,
Systemic Groups - Networks,
Issue Groups -

Phone Numbers, Addresses, Staff Members, Department Assignments, Titles, (Book, Journal, Document, "Information", Person, Publications, Briefings,