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Covid-19 Status Sites (will add hover)

Organization Region About Contact Data Status Best Practices Technology Level
World Health Organization Global Website   MapData Daily Weekly Map Africa By Topic Emergency Word Processors, No Database, No Tracking AI, Impossible to contact anyone, No assigned responsibilities, No global organization map, no coordination
The Internet Foundation Global Systemic GitHub Website Spreadsheets Daily Videos Global Internet Communities Still working with html/javascript, Content Scripts, Javascript, Statistics, Need help
European Center for Disease Prevention and Control Global      World Daily Daily World Contact Tracking Word Processors, No Data Tools, professional compilation and review, current
United Nations Population Global Patrick Gerland Contact World Population Prospects     Population by single year of age and sex, mortality tables
Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research Global Tim Riffe GitHub 5 Year Age Groups, 10 Year      
Johns Hopkins University GitHub USA GitHub    Daily USA Daily World TimeSeries JHU Dashboard   Human In Loop File Folders, Media, Out of Date
NCBI Genome and Protein Fasta       Download Page     All virus genomes, all virus proteins
New York Times GitHub USA     Daily USA     In it to increase sales, but good efforts
Our World in Data Global GitHub Owid   ECDC Daily Daily Testing   Testing? Good insights, do more on testing?
US Census Bureau USA County Pop Page   County Populations      
USA Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC USA About   Daily USA Weekly  Cases Data Testing Media Site, Scattered Efforts, USA only, Out of Date
Covid Tracking for US Tests USA Twitter Website State TimeSeries Csv API   People put things in Google Sheets but never found how to save or use the data. Missing button?  More magic words?
UN Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs Global About Form       Media Site, No Database Tools
Center for Humanitarian Data, Humanitarian Data Exchange Global About Team Covid-19 Data   Organizations Clumsy Navigation, No Database Tools, Good Effort
Chris Jewell ChrisM0dwk Wuhan UK Website GitHub   One time effort Wuhan Model UK Model Python, Simulation, Needs to help others,
WorldoMeter Global       Daily   Commercial, Ads, Good intentions
FastPages Covid19-dashboard   GitHub     Several Times a Day All Contributors Concept AllContributors.Org Short burst experiment, Possibly good resource for global project(s), Poor coverage. Daily Status Reports not integrated, Non-peer review publications
BeOutbreakPrepared Global GitHub Latest Data SitReps some countries   Well Organized, PDF makes sitreps inaccessible and mostly useless, ignoring most at risk countries
Covid-19 Data Repository for South Africa South Africa GitHub   Daily     Well researched, needs tools
Covid19Africa Africa GitHub     Weekly Case Tracking  
Wolfram Mathematica Covid Group Global WebSite Contact No coordinated data effort. US   Clumsy tables Not really organized yet, and people not really watching.  Good potential.  Core tools good, but clumsy interface and clumsy website.  NYTimes data link broken.
Bing   GitHub   csv   Global Dashboard, Not a bad effort, better than some. All in a framework, and rigid. Not a single mention of the team or why they are doing this, except for commercial reasons. Big news, pay attention.           No about, no Contact Us, no Team, good graphics but faded. Poor contrast, no links to news or countries.    No regions or administrative areas or cities.
CDC Covid Team